We take great pride in consolidating and exporting the finest Kenya French beans from smallholder farmers in Kenya. These beans are harvested and shipped within hours, ensuring Kenya French beans can make their way to the dinner tables around the world quick and safe. We are committed to ensuring that families everywhere can discover ultimate health and nutrition in our french beans.


French Beans from Kenya are proven to be low in calories with no saturated fats. They are equally high in antioxidants which provide protection against cancers such as colon and stomach. They also have high content levels of Vitamin A which helps to eliminate free radicals—molecules that are hypothesized to cause many diseases. French beans from Kenya are also high in folate concentrations which play a key role in reproductive health.

Why us

Kenya French beans offer a rich source of dietary fibre, as well as many nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Kenya boasts excellent perfect environment for producing delicious, green and crunchy beans. More importantly, Kenya has one of the best climates in the world. Combine this with sufficient farming space and what you have is an environment so conducive that you will always be guaranteed of healthy french beans daily.

Our promise

We are committed to exporting the finest quality of French beans to global market where they are dispatched for distribution to groceries and waiting kitchens. Our customer service is excellent with proven satisfaction, ensuring you will never miss French beans on any day.

Whether you want quality French beans for supermarkets shelves or just for distribution across fresh markets, We are here to support your mission by exporting the best from Kenya to a destination of your choice across the world.